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Proceeds are split between the club and the corresponding app store


The CBSA Mobile App was designed for smartphones and tablets, running on both Apple iOS and Google Android. It is designed for members only, who will download the app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play and install it on their devices. Members login once with the same credentials that they use on your website and if they click the "Remember Me" option, they can login automatically after that. 


The CBSA mobile app is built around "channels", which are defined today by general membership, raft up and boat maintenance.  More can be added on request.  We can have as many channels as we want, and channels can be defined in eight different ways:

  • All active members
  • Member opt-in
  • Administrator defined
  • Based on an interest group
  • Based on a committee
  • Based on a member type
  • Based on a subgroup (chapter, district, region)
  • Based on the answer to an additional member data question

Members might have access to a specific channel because of their membership in an interest group but it's up to them to decide if they will actively participate in this channel on their mobile device. 

A club could have a hundred channels but if a member only has access to five of them, they won't know that the others exist. And channel data is never available to non-members.

CBSA on the Mobile App

The Chat and Meets functions are also available on your website! For example, users who want to participate in channel chat from their desktop or laptop computers can easily do so by logging into 

Our mobile app also makes your complete website available on the mobile device, including all custom pages, modules, the member menu, a member's individual Profile, the renewal wizard, the event registration wizard, and many other screens. The look and feel for all screens and modules have been optimized for mobile devices.


Members will pay $2.00 to download the app. Apple and Google keep 30% of this fee (60¢). The balance is split equally between ClubExpress and CBSA  (70¢ each.)

Channel-based Features

Once members login, they select a channel from a popup list and then they have access to five special functions that are channel-based:

  • Meets - uses the geolocation features of the member's device to help them meet other channel members. Member participation in Meets is entirely optional; if they are concerned about privacy, they simply don't make themselves visible. But if members are in a time and place where they’re open to meeting other channel members, they can make themselves visible for a specified period of time. Think of this to help with impromptu raft ups.

  • Directory - shows a list of channel members, allowing members to look each other up. This function respects the visibility settings defined on the website. It also integrates with email, texting, and calling on the user's mobile device.

  • Chat - this is a live chat function similar to those provided by Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack and other popular platforms, but limited to the members of a specific channel. Chat displays a sequence of messages posted by channel members, each message including the member's avatar or initials, their name and the date/time when the message was posted. Members write messages up to 500 characters in length; they can also include an image, external links, or links to an event or poll in each message. The Chat function also includes live notifications through your device whenever new messages are posted to a channel chat. There is also a "Like" function and admin tools to edit or delete inappropriate messages. 

  • Events - this is a calendar specific to the channel. It also allows members to create their own QuickEvents to share with other channel members.

  • Polls - this is a quick poll function, allowing channel members to vote on issues of importance to them. It also allows members to create their own Polls to share with other channel members.